5 Great Aerobic Activities You Can Do Outdoors For Covid Safety

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

5 Great Aerobic Activities You Can Do Outdoors For Covid Safety

The global Covid-19 pandemic shouldn’t keep you from being active. There are so many health benefits to aerobic activity. According to health.gov, being physically active will improve your mood, help lower stress levels, improve sleep, boost immune system health, and improve cognitive function. Being active will also help with longevity and assist in warding off chronic illnesses like diabetes.

It’s also extremely important for your mental health. It is good to get outdoors and get in your exercise. There are still so many ways to get these amazing benefits and keep your body moving during this unprecedented time. Here are 5 awesome aerobic activities you can do outdoors for covid safety.


This is a great option if you have access to a safe environment. As long as the area you plan to use is not overcrowded then you are good to go. Maybe you can just walk around your neighbourhood. If you are missing a running or walking group, try exercising with someone in your household or maintaining distance on your walk/run.

If you need some sort of accountability. Be sure to ask someone to buddy up with you. You can share data through apps or smartwatches. Some of these things allow you to challenge or compete against others. For instance, on Nike Plus, Apple Watch, or Fitbits you can set goals or compete with your friends.


Walking can break up the monotony if you are tired of seeing the same sights. It’s also extra peaceful being out in nature and a little bit removed from the typical hustle and bustle. Be sure that someone always knows where you are if you are walking alone or make it a family affair and get everyone out of the house.

This is great for mental health. Look for new walks that you can do near you. 

Outdoor Fitness Class

If you need the atmosphere of a fitness class, find an outdoor class near you. As long as you can maintain social distancing and avoid shared equipment this is a great option. And experts advise that outdoors where air circulates freely is a safer option as far as Covid exposure is concerned than being inside. Great aerobic classes could be a HIIT class or Zumba.

The most important element of choosing to take part in an outdoor fitness class is ensuring all precautions are still being taken to limit exposure.


This is a fantastic low-impact option that elevates the heart rate and keeps your joints from risk of injury. Biking is fun and doing it outdoors or buying a bike machine for your home will ensure you get your aerobic activity and maintain distance from others. Your family can join you or this one could be done with others as long as you stay socially distant.


This can be an amazing workout that doesn’t feel like work. While kayaking, you are getting a great aerobic workout that really works the core and the arms. It’s peaceful out on the water. And you can enjoy nature which benefits the mind, body, and spirit.

You can explore and find new places. It’s a great way to sight-see. It’s also something you can do with other people because you are normally spaced out during this activity if you aren’t in a shared kayak.

How Much Activity Do You Need

Health.gov says that you need a variety of activities to maintain your health. At a minimum, you should be getting at least 50 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity weekly and at least 2 days of strength training.


It’s important to prioritize your health during this trying time. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Do what you can and try your best. Try to move more than you sit. Take breaks from your desk or couch to get up and walk around a bit to break up long periods of sitting. It is still possible to stay active during Covid-19.

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