Case Study - Young Man with Low Back Pain

back pain Mar 04, 2022

Your Spinal Health Case Study


Male in his early 30’s, property developer. 

Initial Complaint: Excessive lordosis (curve in his lower back) causing pain. Bone spur in the left side of the neck. 

Initial Treatment: Felt out of coordination. Twice a week for 4 weeks was advised.

4 Week Review: Tight leg muscles. Felt tired after each appointment. Pain now is more in the Left shoulder. Overall pain is better. 

8 Week Review: The Left shoulder improved. Now travelled more into the left side of the neck. Lordosis is not an issue anymore in terms of pain. More concentrated muscle work was directed to the glutes. 

12 Week Review: Doing very well, even whilst busy refurbishing a house. Now comes in every 6 weeks for maintenance. 

Therapist Notes: Even with the busy lifestyle the client had, there were big improvements with the pain experienced. We found that a lot of muscle work was needed to reduce the symptoms, but eventually decreased over the weeks. And it is important to state that new symptoms may arise that were not mentioned at the start. This is common with many clients, as they are usually a secondary issue. 


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