Case Study - Tight hamstrings and lower back for 8 months.

back pain Apr 15, 2022

Your Spinal Health Case Study


Male in his late 20’s, Project manager. 

Initial Complaint: Tight hamstrings and lower back for 8 months.  

Initial Treatment: Felt more relaxed. Advice given to adjust work desk position. 1 visit a week for 2 weeks was initially advised. 

4 Week Review: Played football for the first time in 4 months and had no issues. Some shoulder pain. General exercises that are given after the 3rd visit were helpful. These are to be done up to 3 times a day every day. And these are extremely beneficial to all our clients. Also stated he felt stronger. 

8 Week Review: Original symptom was now gone. No tightness or lower back pain. 

12 Week Review: Using a foam roller at home to help maintain where he is at now. Comes in every 4 weeks for maintenance. 

Therapist Notes: Through advice and exercises, this client was able to decrease the pain by putting a lot of effort in at home. This is very beneficial for everyone that we see, as it increases the recovery process with less intervention from the therapist. 


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