Case Study - Right constant lower back pain for 6 months

back pain Mar 18, 2022

Your Spinal Health Case Study

Male in his late 70’s, now retired. 

Initial Complaint: Right lower back pain for 6 months. Constant pain which is affecting walking. Needs a stick to move about and not sleeping.  

Initial Treatment: Pain has moved around. 2 visits a week for 6 weeks was advised. 

4 Week Review: Better, then returned. Had a very painful episode in which he had to take codeine. Pins and needles down the Right foot and arm. Easier, walking with a longer stick from advice given. Feels like gradually getting there in terms of the pain. Had to ring 999 due to very severe pain. 

8 Week Review: Walking more. Suffered from a heart attack with a pacemaker now fitted. (We are still able to treat him but without an activator). Coccyx pain which eventually improved through muscle work. Had a long drive so it was painful at the back that day. But fine the next day. No hot water bottle has been used which generally was needed every day to reduce the pain. Lower back feeling better.  

12 Week Review: A few medical issues not related to treatment during this time, but given the all-clear. Still has no back pain, just an ache. Now just comes in for maintenance every 4 weeks unless needed beforehand. 

Therapist Notes: This client definitely experienced ups and downs. There were a few medical issues throughout the treatment program not related to the treatment, but which impacted on the outcome of how he felt each week. Only after 12 weeks, he is now barely in any pain, which he had constantly. Also able to walk a lot further, which helps to keep the pain at bay. 


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