Case Study - Low Back Pain

back pain Jan 25, 2023

Case Study- 202200235


Female, early 40’s. Personal Trainer & Coach. Through patient referral.


Initial complaint: Both sided Lumbar pain for 3 weeks. Right neck for 10 years. 


First 3 initial appointments: No reactions initially, then a bit better. Neck OK. Does yoga which helps in the morning. Recommended 2 visits for a week. 


By the 4 week review: Lumbar is a lot better & looser. Had a long drive causing Lumbar pain. Had a Cupping session, which helped. Neck mobility is better. Changed sleeping position. Recommended a visit in 2 weeks.   


By the 8 week review: Been away for 3 weeks & decorating. Resulting in pain for 3 days. Then eased. Recommended a visit in 4 weeks.


By the 12 week review: Mobility is good. Been on a plane, causing upper shoulder pain. Settled after a few days (This is the result we hope for, that the body can repair itself in a short period of time). Comes in every 4 weeks.


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