Case Study - Life Long Lower Back Pain

back pain Jan 16, 2023

Case Study- 202200284


Female, mid 50’s. Reception/Beauty Therapist. Through patient referral.


Initial complaint: Life long Lower back pain. History- Legs broken and straightened when she was a child. Wore a heel raise when a child too. 


First 3 initial appointments: Feels much better, moving better too. Recommended 2 visits a week for 4 weeks. 


By the 4 week review: Neck clicking. No pain in the Lower back, then returned. We advised her to change her seating position. Is not there all the time anymore. Neck much better. Recommended a visit in 1 week. 


By the 8 week review: Changed sofa position. Left base of the skull pain which causes the headaches. Slightly tender on the Lower back. She was advised to do the exercises everyday. Recommended a visit in 2 weeks. 


By the 12 week review: Better moving & sitting now. Doing exercise everyday! Advised to change the position she works in as she was leaning more to the Left side. Feels 80% better. Recommended a visit in 3 weeks. 


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