Case Study - Back Pain

back pain Jan 19, 2023

Case Study- 202200112


Female, mid 50’s. Registered General Nurse. Through patient referral.


Initial complaint: Lumbar, upper shoulders and obliques (both sides of the torso).


First 3 initial appointments: Just the same. Changing insoles due to making her posture worse and wearing bunion supports. Recommended 2 visits a week for 3 weeks.


By the 4 week review: Pain at night. Aching in the shoulders and neck. Lumbar aches & niggles. Then the shoulder is better. Started checking in a seated position and bending forward as this movement is restricted for the client. Recommended 2 visits a week for 2 weeks.  


By the 8 week review: Has been doing lots of gardening, resulting in feeling achy. However, it felt easier. Recommended 1 visit a week. 


By the 12 week review: Had still been gardening. She was given core & pelvic floor exercises. Had also been pressure washing, but had no problems. Started doing low intensity workouts. Recommended a visit in 2 weeks. Now comes in once every month. 


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