Protect Your Spine From Constant Zoom Calls

posture Jan 11, 2021

Protect Your Spine From Constant Zoom Calls

Many people are currently spending a lot of time on Zoom or other video conferencing. 
This includes children and their teachers and many office workers.

I was asked by one of our clients (a teacher) for advice because she is beginning to feel pain in her back from constant Zoom calls. Here are my 3 top tips.


1. Schedule Breaks

The easiest way to prevent problems for teachers and pupils is to schedule classes so you have a stretch break between each one. (In "normal life" you would have a break while the kids moved between classes).
Similarly in the office you wouldn't normally have meetings scheduled one after the other - it isn't good for concentration and productivity!
Having a stretch break will help your brain work better and keep your energy levels higher.

2.  Get in a stretching habit

Follow the stretching video every time you have a break between calls, or set a timer every 30 minutes during a routine day or do the stretches.
After about a week you will get into the habit and you will feel the benefit!

3. Set up your computer properly

Make sure your computer is set up properly and you are not cramped up over a laptop. You should look like the picture below.
Even with a perfect position, your body will seize up if you are sitting too long - hence the stretch breaks!

It might be fun to get your fellow Zoom call participants to do some stretches with you! It will get their brains going!


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