How Does Our Treatment Work?

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2020

How do we get you from painful twisted spine to healthier pain-free spine without twisting or cracking?

We use your body's inbuilt realigning system with our unique method - Neuro Spinal Reflex Technique (NSRT)

Every time you bend your spine and straighten it your spine bones (vertebrae) have to be put back into the proper positions. Every bone in your body is surrounded by position sensors in your muscles and ligaments.

These position sensors talk constantly to your brain and your brain decides where each bone should be placed. The position sensing can go wrong and the bone doesn't go back to the correct position. The spine twists and because it isn't working properly damage builds up in the bones, discs, muscles and ligaments.

Your body copes with this for many years so you don't feel it. But eventually, it has to tell you it has a problem - PAIN!

By this stage you may have a slipped or prolapsed disc, arthritis, muscle spasm, nerve pain or other damage.

Luckily your amazing body never stops trying to mend itself.

We find where your position sensing has gone wrong and we correct it with a gentle tap in the precise place your body needs. This stimulates a reflex - Like when your doctor taps your knee and your leg twitches.

That reflex twitch corrects the position sense and your bone resets into the correct position.

Now your body is working properly it will go back to its' normal behaviour of mending everything it can as fast as it can!

It takes time to heal - about 12 weeks to regain strength and full function. If your body doesn't change posture after the first treatment we will stop treatment because it won't work for you.

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