Case Study - Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain Jan 31, 2023

Case Study- 202200214


Male in his early 30’s, Machine Operator. Through patient referral.


Initial complaint: Left trap (top of shoulder), for 12 years, mid-thoracic & Left hamstring. There is a background of degeneration confirmed by MRI. 


First 3 initial appointments: Slept better for 3 days. Couldn’t put weight on Right foot. Change in golf swing (golfer). Left calf and hamstrings tight. Recommended 2 visits for 1 week. He was also give core strengthening exercises too.


By the 4 week review: Hamstring and calf was better. Left hip was a new issue due to golf. Pain in the Left trap still. Recommended a visit in 2 weeks. 


By the 8 week review: Mid-thoracic (back), no pain! He explained it had been great. Wanted to get back into the gym. Recommended a visit in 2 weeks.


By the 12 week review: Back at the gym, however he performed a deadlift. This caused shooting pains down the Right leg for a week. No longer does deadlifts in the gym. But no other issues. Now comes in every 4 weeks.


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