Case Study - Left arm numbness for 12 months

arm pain Jan 12, 2023

Case Study- 202200153


Male, mid 30’s. Plumber. Through patient referral.


Initial complaint: Left arm numbness for 12 months.


First 3 initial appointments: Arm just the same. On & off with the numbness. Still waking him up at night. Then not noticed as much. Numbness waking up at night. Worse when lying on the Left side. Got an MRI scan due. We advised him to use a thicker pillow. Recommended 2 visits a week for 2 weeks.


By the 4 week review: Not waking up as much in the night. Every 3 days instead of 1 now. Numbness is less. Lumbar is stiff. MRI scan showed a bulge on the Cervical (neck). Numbness is better in the day, just at night. Every 3 or 4 nights. Recommended a visit in 1 week. 


By the 8 week review: Not woken up for 1 week in the night. Then again for another 2 weeks. Sleeping back on the Left side now. Numbness is nearly all gone. Lumbar back just has a niggle. Recommended a visit in 4 weeks. 

By the 12 week review: Been well. Lumbar ache from being busy at work. Now comes in every 4 weeks for maintenance


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