Case Study - Knee and Shoulder Pain

knee pain Apr 01, 2022

Your Spinal Health Case Study

Female in her late 70’s, Farmer. 

Initial Complaint: Right knee, sharp stabbing pain. Right shoulder pain after a fall 5 months ago. Lots of emotional stresses over the same timeframe.  

Initial Treatment: Felt better after the first appointment, then the right knee pain returned. 2 visits a week for 2 weeks was advised due to busy work life. 

4 Week Review: The right knee is now better. Still some pain in the right shoulder but easing over the weeks. 

8 Week Review: Been doing well and been very busy. 

12 Week Review: Knee has still been well, just stiff when doing too much. This is common with the age group as general wear and tear would have developed. Taking turmeric tablets. Comes in every 4 weeks for maintenance. 

Therapist Notes: This client finds working a lot easier due to the decrease in pain, allowing her to concentrate on day to day activities. 


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