Did You Know?

From around age 30 we start losing up to 3 to 5 percent of our lean muscle mass per decade thanks to aging?

Reverse the clock. Keep your muscle. Stay strong and balanced.


There was a simple, low-impact & low-intensity program that you could do anytime and anywhere that could:

- Benefit your health & heart
- Improve your balance & mobility
- Strengthen bones & muscle

- Improve your spinal health
- And help you lose or maintain weight

Would you be interested in learning more?


Introducing STRENGTH & MOBILITY – a 6 week online fitness program that focuses on building strength, balance, movement & energy!

Check out the calendar of workouts …

Key Program Points:

  • All you need is wifi …you can add in a set of dumbbells, mini-loop resistance bands and an step (or bench/stable chair) if you have them
  • Designed for home or travel workouts with small spaces
  • This is a low-impact, low-intensity program
  • Geared to ALL AGES & ALL fitness levels – especially beginners and those looking to work on balance & stability. Modifications and intensifications are offered through the workout videos


Take a sneak peak at what is in the training!

Strength 1

Today is STRENGTH day!! We’re working & challenging our muscles to help us get stronger. Yes – to look better and more toned, but also…

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Stability 1

It’s all about CONTROL!! Stability is the ability to control our bodies during movement. That’s the challenge today – to control our bodies as we…

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360 Core 1

360 DEGREE TOTAL CORE TRAINING! We’re training more than just abs in this workout! This is 360 degree core training. We’re working the tummy -…

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Strength 2

Let’s kick off PHASE 2 with STRENGTH! We’re upping the intensity a bit today – all moves are big moves working multiple muscle groups. Upping…

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360 Core 2

360 Degree Core Training – next level! We don’t just train abs in our core training! We’re going all the way around – back, tummy,…

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BALANCE DAY! Balance is all about controlling the body without movement. Holding strong – feeling the wobble – and powering through it. We are starting…

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