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Our online spinal health program is a whole new way of improving your spinal health and relieving your pain, and the benefits to you do not end when you close your laptop or put down your phone after your first consultation. That is why we have put together the Your Spine Online Plan.

Take control of your health now … without ever having to spend time in a waiting room.

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Everyone is self-isolating, practicing physical distancing and this is due to continue for the foreseeable future.

This does not mean that all of your problems go away. In fact, it is more likely that you will be feeling tense and stressed – both of which will aggravate any existing complaints.

Then there is your new home working setup, which is probably not great, so back pain along with neck and shoulder pain are expected to increase.

This is why we are now offering online care to our clients.

Our online treatment is not simply a series of stand-alone appointments, it is a whole new way of treating and the benefits to you do not end when you close your laptop after your first consultation. That is why we have put together the Your Spine Online Plan.

Take control of your injury and fix it once and for all…without ever having to spend time in a waiting room.

How do we give an appointment online?

Online appointments are quite simple. We use specialist software called PhysiApp, so we can see each other face to face, discuss your symptoms, carry out any movement tests we think would be beneficial, and then we can share our screen with you and take you through self-massage videos, stretches and exercises.

Before your Initial Appointment, you will receive an email from us with details of how to join the appointment. Follow the instructions and try to make sure that your laptop, tablet or smartphone is set up and ready to go a few minutes before our start time. We will need to be able to see you standing and carrying out movements, so you will need to be able to stand back far enough from your device.

We can then discuss your symptoms like we usually would, and use our skills to diagnose and prescribe you some exercises or changes to your daily routine that we think will help.

But you can’t actually treat me with online appointments, can you?

It’s true, we can’t physically treat you during an online appointment as we would in a traditional appointment, but we can collect information from you that allows us to assess you in very much the same way. allowing you to benefit from the best treatment at home.

During a ‘traditional’ appointment we will spend an amount of time discussing your symptoms. This is when we as therapists are doing the detective work to figure out what may be causing your pain or discomfort and deciding in our heads the best way to treat you. 

An online assessment is very much the same in this respect. We can still talk and discuss your symptoms like we usually would, and then we use our skills and clinical reasoning to diagnose what may be causing them.

The main difference comes in the next part of the session. Instead of us examining you on the treatment table, you will be asked to do some movements, stretches and ‘tests’. This is so that we can further see what may be causing your discomfort and decide on the best plan for getting you better.

The ‘treatment’ part of the session will involve us designing you a bespoke package of exercises or self-massage videos based on our findings. Each time you complete the exercises you log this on your computer or mobile using a simple App so pain levels and other indicators can be tracked. We will monitor these daily and make sure your recovery is going as planned, having communication with you in between virtual appointments to solve any issues or concerns you might have, all within the PhysiApp system we use. 

What is included in the Your Spine Online Plan?

Everything you will need to get better. Here is how it will work…



  • Free initial assessment and diagnosis via virtual consultation

Action Plan Appointment

We will design the best plan for you and send it to you via the PhysiApp.


  • Virtual consultations as and when required. We find that once a week is best to start with so we can fine tune your treatment. After that changes to your treatment are needed less often.
  • Access to your personalised management plan
  • Revisions to your plan as you progress through the exercises
  • Unlimited access to your therapist through the App
  • Unlimited follow up through App messaging
  • £40 Per Telehealth Appointment

When you need us, we are here.


What are the benefits of having the Your Spine Online plan?

The main benefit of virtual treatment, and the main reason we have decided to do this now, is that you can have an appointment from anywhere. So if you need treatment at home you can still have access to the care you need.

There are however many other reasons, including:

  • Continuity of care – Many of you will have already started treatment with us. It seems foolish to shelve any good work we may have already done and this is a way to keep going with any progress we have made.
  • Time – you can get help NOW rather than waiting.
  • Location – your appointment can take place wherever you are. No need to come in and see us.
  • Follow-ups – you will receive as much or little input from us as you need. With the Your Spine Online plan you will have a reply to any questions within 24 hours, directly from the online therapist helping you who knows exactly what your recovery program looks like.
  • Costs – our Virtual Healthcare Plan offers excellent value for money giving you as much or as little input from your therapist as you need to recover from your injury or achieve the goals you have.

The best bit? You can do all this from your laptop and smartphone, from wherever in the world you are. If you travel, your care travels with you. 

Treatment At Home

Fewer appointments to schedule, less time travelling to appointments, no need to wait.

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It's like having your therapist in your pocket!

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