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Your results are guaranteed

First, we have to make sure that your condition is something that we can help with

We assess the state of your spine and nervous system by assessing your posture and other tests as needed. 

If, after this free assessment we find that our care could help you, then we will offer you the first three treatments. After the first treatment, we would expect your spinal posture to improve. 

If it doesn't improve, then we stop treatment and there is no charge. 

Is the improvement holding?

Over the first three visits, we expect your spinal posture to change and to keep improving. If it just goes back to square one after your visit, then we stop care and refund what you have paid so far. If at visit three, you're staying straight, then we offer you our 12 Weeks to Health program 

Has it worked for you?

Your progress will be assessed at regular intervals over the twelve weeks.

If you have followed our recommendations but you haven't felt improvement by the end of the program you get your money back